Store food in a healthy and natural way, reduce food waste, save meters of plastic wrap and money, protect the sea and the environment.


Use beeopak with all your food to:


Store: bread, cheese, fruit, vegetables and aromatic herbs


Cover: bowls, containers, serving dishes, salad bowls


Bring with you: snacks, sandwiches, crackers, cookies in your bag, to school, to work, to the beach, to a picnic wherever you go!


Freeze: beeopak is also good for freezing food; thaw at room temperature


Create useful bags: to store or carry food


Favor leavening: cover the container with the dough inside; beeopak can also be used to wrap the tart dough that must go into the fridge!

How food is wrapped

Using beeopak is as easy and intuitive as when wrapping a gift! Remember to apply a light pressure for a few seconds to make beeopak adhere perfectly.

How to wrap lettuce

How to cover a bowl

How to make a bag

How to wrap a sandwich

How wrap bread and cheese

How to wrap large vegetables

How to make a little bag

How to use it with grated cheese

How to wash it

beeopak can be washed with cold water and a soft sponge or natural brush to pass over. You can also dissolve some natural soap in water and dip beeopak in it or use white vinegar in the water or directly on the beeopak cloth. Leave the cloth to dry, for example on the dish drainer, and when dry fold it and place it in a drawer.

In water

Fast with a sponge

How to use a natural brush

What to avoid

We suggest to keep beeopak away from heat sources as the wax melts; do not use it to cover food that is still hot, wait for it to cool down, and in the oven or microwave. Not suitable for directly wrapping meat, fish and particularly soft and oily cheeses.



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